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Plant based

All our products are plant based and rapidly renewable meaning we can maintain Earth's precious biodiversity.

Clean chemistry

We use ZERO toxic chemicals in our dyes and production process meaning we not only protect our waters but you as well.

100% biodegradable

Our products can safely biodegrade faster than an orange peel. Stick them in your compost and return as a flower.

renewable systems

Our products are made with renewable energy and recycled water to conserve natural resources and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Our SustainabiliTees have the highest sustainability rating of any apparel product in North America.

Organic certified, Fairtrade certified , Cradle to Cradle Gold certified and Cradle to Cradle Platinum certified Material Health...


We spent years developing this cotton fabric making sure that it would feel extra super soft without having to use any hazardous toxic chemicals or fossil fuel based synthetics. It's so much more than just regular organic cotton. Find out what makes it so special and why we're so proud to be the first to bring it to market.
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Wholesale & CUSTom Merch

Did you know we offer wholesale, sustainable screen-printing and private label also? Now you can offer your customers sustainable too!

what our customers are saying

We've been testing our products for over a year now just so we can show you how great they are from Day 1! See what our customers are saying below...

I had HUGE doubts these t-shirts would be as great as they say but OMG they are literally the softest, comfiest t-shirt I've ever worn!

Jennifer Chiu

Could not recommend these enough. It's hard to believe that they are all organic. Didn't know natural products could be this soft.

James Williams

Finally a company is showcasing how they are sustainable and not just greenwashing. This is such a relief. I feel like I've spent the last 5 years getting greenwashed and now have somewhere I can trust.

Tori Elliot